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Wednesday Links: What's New Pussycat

Old failed strategies fail, Scott Gomez does good work, Kids are unintentionally hilarious and more...

Yeah, that's how I feel,too.
Yeah, that's how I feel,too.
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Slow start, lazy play, careless with the puck, losing a game we should have won...nothing at all is new.  And don't call me 'pussycat.'

Blues News:

  • The Blues try to call in the first period and sleep walk through half of the second.  Surprise; it doesn't end well. Justin42 takes you down memory lane. [STLGT]
  • The 'Litter box cats" have their "recat."  Yes, that is seriously what they call it. [LBC]
  • Scott Gomez is a good dude. [Puck Daddy]

Hockey News:

  • 9 other games last night,  Dallas finally lost, as did Chicago.  Yay. [NHL]
  • 4 games tonight. [NHL]
  • Puck Daddy has 3 stars.  The Blues helped the number 1 by setting up both of his goals. [Puck Daddy]
  • Hockey Legends who couldn't let go. [ESPN]

Other Crap

  • Kids are funny.  And inappropriate.  [Distractify]
  • The secrets behind the mysterious world of radio. [Buzzfeed]
  • Since we were cat food last night, our beer of the day is 400 Divine Rabbits from Greenbush. It's a smooth beer with mild citrus hints.  I promise it doesn't stink nearly as bad as our game last night. [Untappd]

Video of the Day:

Need a laugh?

I need a laugh.

This is funniest thing you will ever hear involving the word 'pussycat.'