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Blues At Stars Morning(ish) Open Thread: Get Two

The Blues either left a point on the table last night or stole one, depending on your point of view.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues played a strong game last night - it's becoming increasingly obvious that the Blues are more than capable of both digging deep and dominating when they want to. Usually when they want to is against teams that are seriously quality competition, such as the Bruins (which may be their best game of the season so far) and against the Stars.

Yes, the Blues fell behind, but they also focused and did what they had to do to snatch a point from the Stars. Robby Fabbri has a goal in each of his last three games, and last night's was a big one. The Blues, and, if we're being honest, the Stars as well, would prefer not to have another nine-round shootout tonight. Fabbri, Vladimir Tarasenko, and the rest of the team need to be as focused tonight as they were most of the game last night if they want to finish this back to back, home and home against the Stars three points better in the standings.

There's no justification of leaving another point up for grabs tonight.

This is your morning open-ish thread. Head over to our friends at Defending Big D and see how they're handling last night's loss and today's game. Check back later on for some Road Music thanks to CCR, and your GameDay Thread.