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Late Saturday Morning Links - Pretty Penny

RIP, Scott Weiland. Sorry, links are late.

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Ironically, this is probably what his face looked like when he got twisted up at the boards, too.
Ironically, this is probably what his face looked like when he got twisted up at the boards, too.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

I completely blanked on doing links last night heading into this morning. So, they're a bit late. (Come at me.)

In other words, they matched the effort of the Blues' coaching staff in 3-on-3 overtime. A bit late in thought.


  • The Blues played well enough to win in regulation but didn't thanks to a Robert Bortuzzo brain fart leading to a rush the other way (and the tying goal), then Hitch went with slow-as-shit Jori Lehtera and Troy Brouwer in 3-on-3 over people with speed like Robby Fabbri, then Brian Elliott--who played great, actually--did his usual "HOLY SHIT IT'S A SHOOTOUT" thing. The Blues lose 2-1 to the Islanders in Brooklyn. That's MY recap. Justin has a different one. His is probably better. [SLGT]
  • Our friend Dominik over at Lighthouse Hockey is a bit more cheerful about the game. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • The big news might be how Colton Parayko returned to the game after appearing to hyperextend every ligament and tendon in his right leg on this incident. If he's not playing tonight, I am going to be fucking incensed that he came back last night. [Twitter / @myregularface]
  • In a new installment of #Fancystats Friday, Robb looks into whether or not Vladimir Tarasenko actually IS an elite goal-scorer, not just based on the eye test. [SLGT]
  • Are the Blues working on a new third sweater? [Frozen Notes]
  • Puck Daddy's Jersey Fouls this week include an awful one from a Blues fan at number one. Seriously, dude? [Puck Daddy]


  • I think many of you know where to go for the Maple Leafs side of things, but if not . . . yes, Pension Plan Puppets is your place. [Pension Plan Puppets]


  • There were a grand total of seven National Hockey League contests on sheets of ice last night. [ 12/04/2015]
  • There are scheduled to be a grand total of ten National Hockey League contests on sheets of ice today and tonight, including that one in downtown St. Louis. [ 12/05/2015]


  • With the Red Wings trending toward youth, it could be an old standard helping them not suck . . . Pavel Datsyuk . . . at least so says Ryan Lambert in Trending Topics. [Puck Daddy]
  • Jonathan Bernier started for the Leafs' AHL team, the Toronto Marlies, on his conditioning stint last night. He posted a shutout. [Sportsnet]
  • Meanwhile, his backup was one of their home-ice Zamboni drivers. A ZAMBONI DRIVER! [CBC]
  • The Penguins and Kings top the list of teams needing an in-season trade, says Adam Gretz. Well he's never been to the Blues Lounge or any of JR's chats, then! [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • The Lightning(s) inked head coach Jon Cooper to a multi-year extension. [USA Today]
  • REMINDER: Jaromir Jagr respectfully wants you to STOP FUCKING VOTING FOR HIM. (Which, of course, means . . . KEEP FUCKING VOTING FOR HIM.) [SB Nation]
  • A guy who's right up there with Tarasenko in goal production? Mike Hoffman of the Senators . . . yeah, I was kinda surprised at this as well. [TSN]
  • Now UNLV is looking to go to NCAA's Division I. And we can't get a D-1 hockey team in Champaign, IL? What the fuck ever. [Mayor's Manor]
  • A player to watch for in the upcoming draft? Connor McDavid's old linemate in Erie, Alex DeBrincat . . . who is tiny. [Buzzing the Net]


  • Scott Weiland, a giant of the music of my youth, passed away while on tour with his new band on Thursday night. He was 48. I am legitimately shocked he made it this long. (I'll have some videos for you later.) [Rolling Stone]
  • Some areas of the country are instituting "Food For Fines" policies for people to pay parts of their traffic tickets. [NPR / The Salt]
  • NOTE: Do not hit a helmeted person in the head with your own head IF YOU ARE NOT WEARING A GODDAMN HELMET YOURSELF. Sheesh. [Deadspin / Screengrabber]
  • Apparently, Kobe Bryant gave his coach the news of his retirement . . . during a game. That's about the most Kobe thing ever. In a good way. [SB Nation / #Lookit]
  • Physics explains why Han Solo is older than Obi-Wan Kenobi. [Nerdist]
  • A lot of us fall prey to what amounts to be "profound-sounding bullshit", research finds. [Mental Floss]
  • Irony, thy name is Bud Weisser. (START DRINKING BETTER BEER.) [Y! / AP]


Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you know the news of late Thursday about the passing of Scott Weiland, the former front man of one of the biggest musical sensations of my childhood, Stone Temple Pilots. A few from their heyday today. First, "Wicked Garden":

Then, a live performance of "Pretty Penny" from the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards (BACK WHEN MTV WAS RELEVANT AND SHIT!):

And finally, my brother's favorite STP song, "Big Bang Baby":

Notice I didn't post anything from past the Tiny Music album. The rest of them were . . . bleh. Okay, but not great.

RIP, Scott.

Hoosier Blue is back at the Links Factory tomorrow and Monday. BluesMay returns Tuesday.