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Saturday Links: I Choo-Choo-Choose You!

"If I hold it sideways like this, it looks more badass!"
"If I hold it sideways like this, it looks more badass!"
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


  • First and foremost, here's a great piece honoring the St. Louis Game Time/Game Night Revue family after the recent 20th anniversary, including some thoughts from some of your favorite SLGT writers and even Tom Stillman himself. I'm still pissed I couldn't make it to the anniversary party...[mumbled gumbling] [InsideSTL]
  • The team had the day off. In Miami. Florida. South beach. Yep, NOTHING could go wrong with that... [STLToday]
  • C&BF breaks down what, exactly, a "sports hernia" is. Turns out it's not necessarily a hernia as we laymen might suffer from, but it still sounds terrible and I don't want to think about it anymore...but you should totally read about it! [SLGT]
  • If you haven't heard, there will be a special showing of 38: Pavol Demitra, a documentary on the late Slovakian Blues forward, at the Peabody Opera House three weeks from tomorrow on March 8th. Tickets are $38. RIP 38. [Blues]
  • Our Smashvillian brethren break down what the Conference III leaders might be looking for at the trade deadline. (Sticktap to CCR.) [On the Forecheck]


  • Games were played last night, and as far as I can tell there were no Friday the 13th-style murders...though there were a couple hat tricks. [ 2/13]
  • 10 games tonight, but not a lot to savoir over...purists might like the Maple Leafs-Canadiens game on Hockey Night in Canada, and closer to our neck of the woods the Stars and Avalanche will battle for who can delay the inevitable elimination from playoff contention longer. Hate to say it, but your February 14th might be better spent doing something other than watching hockey. [ 2/14]
  • One of last night's hat tricks came from Joe Pavelski, who now has 31 goals on the year, helping the Sharks beat the Coyotes 4-2. It was also Todd McLellan's 300th win behind the bench. [Fear the Fin]
  • Tyler Seguin was taken out on a pretty bad clip by Dmitry Kulikov in last night's 2-0 Dallas win over the Panthers. Kulikov went lower than a sorority girl during a Lil' Jon song. [Defending Big D]
  • There's no better way to show your significant other you care this Valentine's Day then by sharing with them some JERSEY FOULS! [Puck Daddy]
  • Of course yesterday was Friday the everyone makes Jason jokes...hahahahahahahaSHUTTHEFUCKUP! ...anyway, these are the "scariest" Jasons in NHL history. #PeopleNamedJasonAreNotNecessarilySerilaKillers #TheMoreYouKnow [The Hockey News]


  • US Soccer legend and St. Louisan (okay..."SLU alumn") Brian McBride will be inducted into the US Soccer Hall of Fame tonight. He was the first American to score a goal in multiple World Cups, and he has a bar named after him in London. For those who don't know soccer that well, he's basically what would happen if David Backes played soccer. [STLToday]
  • What does a straight man's favorite musical say about him? Find out by reading "What A Straight Man's Favorite Musial Says About Him." [McSweeney's]


Happy Valentine's Day...I choo-choo-choose you!


Hey guess what? You get a link to your Ralph Wiggim video because SBNation is fucking stupid again and won't let me embed a video in the right spot AGAIN...and also I'm already running late for work. Cool awesome. [YouTube]

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