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Recap: Blues Vs. Panthers: Free Goaltender Clinic Offered

The Blues battled for the win in sunny South Florida.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Your St. Louis Blues were back in action as they took on the Florida Panthers Sunday afternoon. Brian Elliott would be in net for St. Louis. Florida countered with Roberto Luongo. The Blues were looking to keep pace with Nashville, and to fend off the charge of Chicago. (Thanks for nothing Pittsburgh). Meanwhile, the Panthers (believe it or not) are still in contention in the East for the last Wild Card spot, just 4 points behind Boston.

First Period:

Boy, if you like goaltending, then have I got the period for you. This one saw plenty of Blues chances, but no pucks in the back of the net. Luongo, played out of his mind to be honest. I mean this save on David Backes, just, well see for yourself:

But funny thing, the Blues have a pretty good goalie too. Crazy right?

As I said before plenty of Blues chances, no scoring. The Jaskin/Stastny/Berglund line continues to find it's legs and looked good. Hell, all four lines looked good, just couldn't solve Luongo. I mean Reaves had two (yes, you read that right) TWO chances.

By Panger count this game was 3-0 in the first, for whatever that's worth.

Second Period:

More of the same for both sides. Luongo and Elliott still playing great hockey. Ryan Reaves would have a nice scrap with Shawn Thornton. By nice I mean, Thornton got all of about one hit in and that was about it. Thornton's strategy of blocking punches with his face didn't seem to work. All of this stemmed from a Reaves hit, that for some reason was going to be called an interference penalty. It seemed to be a clean hit, but for whatever reason Thornton didn't like it. But then a goal happened! It was a miracle or Disney magic or whatever the hell it was, Jaden Schwartz had it. Maybe he used the Schwartz....hardy har har. Sidenote: Seriously, if you haven't seen Spaceballs, DO IT.

Brad Boyes missed a wide open net. High. I cannot make this stuff up. I would be ashamed of myself if I didn't point that out. But he did score 43 back in 2007. Or something.

Also, have to wonder if Ian Cole just hates his goaltenders or if fuckbaggery like this just comes natural:

Third Period:

The Panthers would push, and push hard in the third. The Blues had the answer. Ells seemed to be the answer after robbery like this save on Aleksander Barkov:

They were able to hold on to the lead for most of the period. Elliott was going to tie Jaroslav Halak for shutouts in a Blues jersey at 20. Nope. Just kidding. With 1:13 left in the third the Panthers would do this:

Before that goal, Ells had stopped 20(!) shots in the period.

The Blues wouldn't score in overtime, so we headed to the skills portion of the evening:


Spoiler, Vladimir Tarasenko can shoot the puck:

I am only showing this one to you to prove that Brad Boyes can in fact put a puck on net and score:

And your filthy, filthy, game winner:

The Blues survive the scare in Sunrise. They would go on to win 2-1 and improve to 37-15-4 on the year. The Blues are now only 4 points behind the Predators. The team returns to Scottrade on Tuesday to take on Dallas.