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Wednesday Links: It's Benn Real

A sad announcement, an ever sadder effort, a milestone, and Wednesday on a Wednesday!

Jake Allen, watching J-Mill's link rat number being retired.
Jake Allen, watching J-Mill's link rat number being retired.
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, welcome back to the morning links! Once again through circumstances mostly beyond my control, I've been unable to link for you guys the last few days. Since that has become all too familiar an issue for a couple months now, I've decided to resign as a link rat after today. Don't worry, you'll still see me around these parts about once a week (so really, not much less often than you've been used to), just not brining you sweet clickables.

But enough with the housekeeping - there's bullshit results to get to!


  • Of course the Blues decided to shit the bed the night before my last links. I even got off work early last night, and they were still 3-0 down before I got home, en route to a 4-1 loss to the Stars. H&O'85 recapped it all so you wouldn't have to...which is nice of them. [SLGT]
  • Not surprisingly, our Ft. Worth Friends were a bit more chipper about it all. [Defending Big D]
  • No one summed up the Blues play last night better than David Backes. [Frozen Notes]
  • One positive from last night, of course, was it being Barret Jackman's 780th game in the Bluenote, making him 2nd in franchise history in games played. Jax personifies everything it means to be a Blue (for better or worse). [Blues]
  • Jax isn't giddy over many things, but seeing Garth Brooks wearing his sweater back in January made him smile. [STLToday]


  • 7 games happened last night, and last time I checked, they all ended. [checks again]...yep, still over. [ 2/17]
  • 6 games tonight, but a couple biggies: your Wednesday Night Rivalry is Red Wings-Blackhawks, but you should really be focused on two of the late games, a huge Wild-Flames wild card bout and two of the best in both conferences, Ducks-Lightning. [ 2/18]
  • After last night, the Blues have 25 games left before Judgment Day. So with that in mind, let's have peak at what we'd be looking at If The Playoffs Started Today: [ Standings]
  • Pekka Rinne needs to just...stop showing off. It's not fair to the other kids, Pekka. [SBNation NHL]
  • After the weird bullshit in Winnipeg, a photo went viral of Dustin Byfuglien flipping the bird to Evander Kane. But does it mean something different than what we all assumed it meant? Yes, yes it does. [Puck Daddy]
  • The 2018 World Juniors are coming back to America, but the host city is still up for grabs. Pittsburgh is the leading candidate, but Detroit, Buffalo, and even Tampa and Phoenix are expected to make bids. Sooooo...dear St. Louis Sports Commission...GET ON DAT SHIT! [Pittsburgh Tribune]
  • Alex Ovechkin just keeps on being Alex Ovechkin in the best way possible, which last night meant unpantsing Marc-Andre Fleury. PS - I don't hate their respective current jerseys as much as other people, but every Penguins-Capitals games should look THIS good! [The Hockey News]


  • Don't get left in the dust by not knowing what "wizardgoths" and "ghostbros" are: these are the newest "trends" for 2015! [Medium]
  • Have you ever wondered how zookeepers know what to do incase a wild animal gets loose? Well, in Asia they rehearse the procedure...with people dressed as bears and Tigger. The pictures choice! (Sticktap to C&BF.) [The Atlantic]
  • Earlier this week, Saint Louis FC revealed their jerseys for their first season. They're...well they exist, that's for sure. [Gateway City Goal Post]
  • I was going to throw up one last Science Saturday: Wednesday Edition...but then I heard of this hero: a man who used his first class plane ticket to get a free lunch, everyday, for a year! [mental_floss]


...and wouldn't you know last links, and SBNation's editing system still won't embed a video right!

  • Welcome to your new favorite webseries: Adult Wednesday Addams! First, Wednesday looks for an apartment in LA! [YouTube]
  • And now...why Scooby & the Gang are the worst detectives ever. And not just from the unhuman amounts of weed. [YouTube]

Tyler will be back tomorrow and from there on out, so be sure to keep him well stocked with links and videos to last the winter.

It's been a pleasure bringing you links for the past year and a half...minus the sleep loss, internet trouble, and frustration over days I couldn't link for you. But once again, you probably won't be seeing all that much less of me. LA-ter!