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Recap: Well, Crosby Didn't Score.

Blues fall to Penguins 4-2 in normal indoor game.

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Blues, coming off a 5-1 thumping of Boston looked to keep that momentum going, as they took on the Pittsburgh Penguins at Scottrade. Brian Elliott would get the start for the Blues and Thomas Greiss started for the Pens. David Perron would return to St. Louis, as would former fourth liner Maxim Lapierre.  Also, a big welcome back to Chris Porter, who returned to the lineup after being out since December. Also, Congrats to new father Steve Ott who welcomed son Maverick into the world. (Insert awesome Top Gun joke here)

First Period:

The Blues played an awesome first period. Is what I would have said if, you know, they had. Ok, so it wasn't completely a bust. The Blues would at least put up more than 1 shot against Griess, so there's that. Team had some good looks. Couldn't finish. Seems like someone has said something like this before. The pace of the period was brisk. Panger would point out that the Blues looked fresh, and I agreed. They looked alive for a team that had just played the night before. You'd think these factors would lead up to something good right? Hell, I'd take 0-0 after 1 at this point. NOPE. WISH DENIED.

Just like that, it was 1-0. For those on Crosby watch, he still didn't score. However, he almost did. But as we all know, that only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Or something.

Second Period:

Welcome back Frenchie, Love Moose.

Someone call the cops, because Tarasenko was robbed!

Aaaaaand then the bottom fell out, the shit hit the fan, bad luck,  take your pick. But wow. Blues string of bad second periods would continue. It would all start with a bullshit very questionable call on Tarasenko, giving the Pens a powerplay. Of course as luck would have it, they would do this:

I thought Frank made an excellent play. Not sure what in the wide world of sports the ref in question saw there. Did Lappy buy him dinner, or a car or something? If someone knows, please fill me in...

Moving on. Oh right, this is still the second period.

Anyone else's frustration at a high at this point?

Third Period:

If I had a $20 bill for every dumb penalty that Ian Cole has taken to this point in his career...I can't do that much math at 1 in the morning. Idiotic boarding call! YAY! I mean it is your birthday and all (or was, whatever) but C'MON MAN! Why are you still making dumb mistakes like this? I mean it would send you back to the press box when Shatty got back...Oh right sorry, got side tracked. Although, wouldn't you rather see someone bitch about Cole than this?

Speaking of idiotic, why, why, why, why, would you give both Backes and Bortuzzo misconduct for THAT?! Be careful guys, you're not allowed to shove anymore!  Although, I shouldn't be too surprised as it took what seemed to be years to get a goal review right.

Some good did come out of tonight as Jaskin would net yet another one:

And Ian Cole would get one on his aforementioned birthday:

So, that's that. The Blues would fall to the Penguins 4-2. It would be the Pens first win in regulation in St. Louis since 2008. Comeau, Letang, and Greiss would be your three stars. The Blues will be back in action on Tuesday against the other Subban as Montreal comes to town.