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Recap: "Moose" Dominant In Canada

...not the four legged variety.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Blues hit the road tonight to take on the Winnipeg Jets. Coming off of a less than fun homestand, (1-3) the Blues needed to do something to get back on track. Good thing they are pretty decent on the road at 16-10-2 (6th best in the NHL) Brian Elliott would start for the good guys and Michael Hutchinson would go for the Jets. The Blues forward lines would return from whatever horrid experiment Hitch drew up Tuesday night. Also of note, the Blues defensive parings would change for tonight's game. Alex Pietrangelo and Jay Bouwmeester would be split again. Ian Cole was a scratch.

First Period:

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. If you have a hard time sleeping. I would suggest this first period as your sleep aid.  Which, ok here lately that's not necessarily a bad thing. After giving up leads in the first period in what seems like a month, they managed not to give up the crippling early lead. Elliott stood tall even when faced with ANOTHER odd man rush:

And then there's this save on Jacob Trouba:

Elliott kept this game 0-0. Obviously. But it also could have been a lot worse.

Second Period:

Patrik Berglund would meet Dustin Byfuglien, and not in that let's exchange cookie recipe kinda way either:

Lost on that play however, would be the fact that Berg would get up and go straight to the front of the net for a chance. And as much as I give Berglund shit, or demand he be traded, he's really impressed me lately. Agree? Am I sniffing glue here? Well he goes on later to make a case for me, or his trade. Whatever:

Shoutout to Ryan Reaves and Paul Stastny for the sweet set up. Which was only possible after Hitch changed up the lines that put Reaves up with Berg and Stastny. While yes, it moved Jaskin down to the fourth line it seemed to have worked out. For at least awhile.

Third Period:

The Blues were going to get the 1-0 win. Ells was gonna get the shutout, everyone was going to go home happy. Well at least that seemed like a good plan. Granted this was my thinking at the beginning of the period. The Jets seemed to have other ideas though:

Shit. Well, So much for that right? The Blues (Ells really) would keep the Jets from scoring again. Even with a late call on David Backes.


Other than T.J. Oshie trying to kill Mark Stuart after having enough of his shit, not much happened. Steener probably could have won the game here though:


Proved once again that this Tarasenko kid is kind of good:

And tonight we spell redemption S-T-E-E-N (See Also Winnipeg native or something):

There you have it folks. The Blues go on to win 2-1 and get a needed two points. Not only getting those two points, but Nashville loses and the Jets get a point just to fuck with Chicago. Player of the game has to be Elliott. He goes on to save 30 of 31 shots. Even if he wasn't the first star. (But why would he get that in Winnipeg.)  Side note: Hutchinson was perfect in the shootout before the Blues would wreck that stat. Shucks. The Blues will continue their "Backes Hates Canada Tour" Saturday night as they travel to Edmonton.