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The Blues at the Trade Deadline

What (if anything) would you do?

Yeah, that didn't work.
Yeah, that didn't work.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues are a really good hockey team.  5th in the league in points.  5th in the league in goals for, 5th in goals against, 3rd in goal differential.  Really good, but (maybe) not great.  Do they need to add a piece to make the next step or should they stick with what they have?


Teams often pick up scoring depth at the deadline.  While the Blues lack a super-star forward like Ovechkin or Crosby, scoring depth is something of which they seem to have plenty.  Still, forwards are going cheap this spring.


The Blues top-4 is as good as any in the league.  Could the Blues use a veteran insurance policy in the 5/6/7 slot?  I wouldn't mind adding a guy like Zbynek Michalek (beyond needing to learn how to spell his name without cutting and pasting) if the price is a mid-round pick.

An interesting name that has come up in trade talks is Oliver Ekman-Larsson.  I would be all over that.  I think OEL is one of the best young defensemen in the league.  Arizona would want some significant assets.  I would at least ask.


I think Elliott is a solid starter.  I'm lukewarm on Allen but I'm not sure that the Blues could acquire a significant upgrade at the deadline. 


A wild card.  Could a coaching change unlock the hidden potential in the lineup?  Is Dan Bylsma the guy who could do it?

I don't see Hitch getting the heave-ho during the season but another playoff failure should be the end of the road.