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Blues At Sabres Morning Open Thread: Keep Streaking

The Blues have tied a franchise record with points in 12 straight games. Will they break it tonight?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Sabres managed to go the entire month of January without winning a single game. They didn't even lose a game in overtime or the shootout, either. They went an impressive 0-12-0, which is an occurrence that I can't remember happening in recent history to any team. Connor McDavid is well within their grasp.

And then they started February with a win against the Montreal Canadiens 3-2 in Montreal to take the season series.

Weird things, man. Weird things.

The Blues in January went 9-1-1 with two more wins tacked on to begin this month. To say that they're the hottest team in the league is an understatement. Still (partially thanks to the ineptitude of the Toronto Maple Leafs), they sit two points out of first place in the Central Division.

Tonight would be an excellent opportunity to take two more points out of the hands of the Buffalo Sabres. Back in November they plowed through the Sabres 6-1. Joakim Lindstrom scored two goals.

This is your morning open thread. Check back for your preview and your GDT in which we discuss if the Sabres will make #10 look like #16 again. While you're waiting for the puck to drop, don't forget to visit Die By The Blade and say hi, and remind them that it'll get better eventually.