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Friday Links - That Was Quick and Boring

That's what she said… Blues getting edgier gets wins, Evander Kane is causing drama, and the Hurricanes endorse "The Meaty Malone".

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Your flying powers are no match against the power of the Schwartz.
Your flying powers are no match against the power of the Schwartz.
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports


  • Robb has a recap of last night's game against the Sabres. [SLGT]
  • The Blues' return to their "edgier" style play is part of why they're winning. [USA Today/ NHL]
  • Look who's an overrated player…everyone's favourite Blue, Steve Ott. [FTW/USA Today]
  • Listen to the show that makes me a podcast widow on Monday nights. Beyond Checkerdome Episode 72! [SLGT]
  • If anyone's gonna scuttle any butt, it's gonna be Eric The Hawk over at the Anaheim Calling podcast. They have a poll question suggested to them by our own Brad Lee! Go vote. [Anaheim Calling]



  • Nine games last night, including that boring one in Buffalo. [ 2/5/15]
  • Five games tonight, including one between two teams named Blue. [ 2/6/15]
  • Kimmo Timonen, who was diagnosed with blood clots in his right leg and lungs in August, will be coming back to play the the Flyers this season. [Puck Daddy]
  • Jets Evander Kane has been placed on IR…uhhh is this a real injury or more drama? [Puck Daddy]
  • Hurricanes Brad Malone will be at a local grocery store in Raleigh signing autographs and introducing his signature sandwich " The Meaty Malone".  Yes, he went to NoDak. [NHL Hurricanes]
  • Bakersfield Condors will wear 50 Shades of Grey inspired jerseys for their "undie sunday' game on February 15th. [Puck Daddy]
  • This 10 year old girl wants to know "why did you take the North Stars away?" [Puck Daddy]
  • John Scott scores a rare goal and almost gets in a fight right after. Sadly, it was also the Sharks only goal of the game against the Flames. [CBS Eye on Hockey]


  • The Sochi Olympics were even more of a fuck up than we thought. [Deadspin]
  • Of course you want to know that the proper name for a burp is eructation, plus 16 more proper names for bodily functions. [Mental Floss]


The Bruces sing to you the "Philosopher's Song".

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