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Blackhawks At Blues Morning Open Preview: Grab Your Bloody Marys

There's nothing like a good ol' fashioned brunch and some hockey, is there? The Blackhawks come to town for a NBC national broadcast.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues' used to have this amazing point streak going, and then they got a month's worth of pent-up losing out of their way Friday night against the Blue Jackets. Luckily, that game was not a nationally broadcast game. You have to give the Blues credit - nothing is halfassed with this team. If they're going to lose, they're doing it RIGHT, dammit. No room for "moral victory" whining here. You want to lose your first game in regulation in over a month? You do it this way.

The streak is done. Now's the time to start another one. The Blues and Blackhawks have split their two games this season, with the Blues winning 3-2 on October 25th despite having an awful third period. The Blackhawks won at home 4-1 on December 1st, which was a NBCSN Wednesday Night Rivalry game. You can take two things away from this: one, the Blues and Hawks both like their home ice and two, the Blues don't seem to play well when on a big stage against a team like the Blackhawks.

Take away whatever you'd like, but this fact remains: the Blues do not have Kevin Shattenkirk, and they do not have Jori Lehtera. They do, however, have Joakim Lindstrom, who was just spectacular in place of Ty Rattie Friday night.

In case you can't tell, that was sarcasm, and I have no idea which of the two forwards will be on the third line tonight.

The Blackhawks haven't been playing their best hockey as of late, but they did choke the life out of the MTS Centre Friday night. Anything that has people throwing hissy fits and Evander Kane shirseys (with the tags still on!) onto the ice after a loss is something that I can get behind, even if it's the Blackhawks who are helping out. Their win against Winnipeg came after being shut out on back to back games for the first time since before the Hawks won their first of their two most recent Cups. When you're shut out by Minnesota and San Jose to end an up and down January and to start the month of February, there's room for concern. The Blues are six points up on the Hawks in the standings. This afternoon is a nice chance to #makeiteight.

This is your morning open preview. Find a good brunch spot if you're not going to the game (Nadine's FTW, frankly, because I am a corned beef hash nut), and settle in. Like every Blackhawks/Blues game today's going to be a good one.

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