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VIDEO: An Un-Hully Alliance Previews Blues-Blackhawks 2/8/2015

A new, video edition of An Un-Hully Alliance.

With the Blues set to face Those Fuckers Up North once again, I was all set to interview my friend Jim Kress of City on the Take for another edition of Un-Hully Alliance. Then events popped up, and I found myself across enemy lines. So we decided to put together a special video of our analysis & general bullshit.

So we proudly (meh) present to you the first video blog (or, "vlog," if you will) edition of An Un-Hully Alliance! Please keep in mind that it was filmed yesterday during the Predators game, just for the record.

I'd encourage you to "like" and/or "subscribe," but you're your own person and I don't want to tell you how to live your life..but if you did those things, it'd be cool of you. Also, be sure to follow Jim and I on twitter, and check out City on the Take to be the first to hear about Daniel Carcillo's next suspension.