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Everyone Just Relax

Blues lost to Chicago again, but there's no reason to worry

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Because the Blues once again lost to Chicago, we run the risk of falling into the trap of narratives. "The Blues can't win the big one," they'll say. "The Blues don't have mental toughness," we'll hear. But in three simple pictures, I hope to dispel those narratives because like all narratives, they're bogus.

First, here's the Corsi chart from today's game against Chicago, via Natural Stat Trick. The Blues controlled a good portion of that game. The third period was dreadful, yes. But the first two periods were excellent. Chicago by no means outclassed St. Louis on Sunday.

Second, let's examine a larger sample size: the six playoff games the two teams played last year. I took this screenshot from Extra Skater (RIP) shortly after the season ended. It demonstrates the Blues actually had a slight edge in Fenwick Close and a significant edge in overall Corsi and Fenwick. But as the PDO (luck, basically) category shows, Chicago got the bounces. Luck—and that's about it—is how they won the playoff series last year. The Blues have no fundamental flaw. They don't lack "mental toughness." They just didn't happen to get the bounces.

Finally, a thought to remember as the message boards, local media, etc. bombard us about how the Blues "lack a killer instinct," or whatever. Via