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Recap: Blues Slip Past Oilers

Despite the wave, the Blues were able to get out of Edmonton with two points.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues continued their streak across Canada tonight as they took on the Edmonton Oilers. Jay "Fun Bobby" Bouwmeester would be playing in his 900th(!) NHL game. So, total shoutout to him for that one. Brian Elliott would once again get the start (wash, rinse, repeat) for the good guys. Ben Scrivens would oppose him in one for the ages. If you're into the slow starts that seemed to have plagued the team here lately....

First Period:

As if everyone wasn't trying to fend off sleep to begin with, it was yet another slow start for the Blues. Are they slowly trying to drive us more insane? Anyway, look who decided to show up tonight...Our good buddy Derrick Roy. Ells had a nice way of saying hi:

A little later on the Blues would finally wake up, well some of them as the Berglund/Stastny/Jaskin line would show us a glimpse of what we would pretty much see the whole game...

If you took a bet that the Blues wouldn't score in the first well, I hope you didn't bet a lot. The play would start out with Berglund (yes I am going to continue to give credit where it is due) would steal the puck from Roy (Haha). He would then get it over to Stastny, who would then fire a BEAUTIFUL pass to Jaskin. Magic happened. See for yourself:

Hey Scrivens, would you cut it out!? (No, he wouldn't):

Second Period:

The second period would start off the same as the first. Blahhhhhhhhh. Brian Elliott would do what he's been doing recently. And damn well:

And yes I show these saves because it's proving Roy actually can do things. Later on in the period the Oilers would find away to get a puck past Ells. Might have been all the bodies in front of the net. Could be wrong. Doubtful. Justin Schultz scores here. Eberle probably could have skated around for another 45 seconds if he wanted to...

Ryan Reaves would clank one off the post later on in the period. Not sure if his dad was there, but if he had been...2-1 Blues.

Third Period:

Scrivens would own most of this period. Yeah, the final score might have been 2-1, but it definitely could have been a lot worse. Here's one of the few times that Tarasenko would hit the net:

Did someone break him? He seems more than off as of late. As in if you put him in a small boat in the ocean and told him to hit water, he'd miss wide. Don't get me wrong, he's still having a great season overall, but right now he's

The hot line of the night would break the 1-1 tie. More specifically, Stastny would be the one to break said tie with this:

Pauly arguably had his best game tonight as a Blue. That goal would tie him for the team lead in game winning goals with five. (Tarasenko also has 5, thanks Lou Korac for that nugget) Despite having two power plays late in the period the Blues would be kept off of the scoreboard. But never fear Blues fans, the late period blunder would come in the form of a penalty against the Blues. Stastny would cover the puck with his hand and get called for it. You may not like it, but yes that IS a penalty. But as the Blues have done recently, would hold on to the 2-1 lead and pick up the win.

The star of the night has to be Stastny. As I said above, he played his best game as a Blue. He's been getting better every game. Maybe this means that the third line of 21/26/23 is finally starting to gel. Which if tonight is any indication, I'm excited for that. Also, if you're an Edmonton player, do you really want the fans doing the wave while you're in the offensive zone in a close game? Yeah...

You won't have to go without hockey for long fans, as the Blues are right back at it tomorrow night against Vancouver.