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Recap: I Find Your Lack Of Holding A Lead....Disturbing.

Blues and Jets battle in what was a mindfuck of a game...for both sides. Also, Star Wars night.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, the Blues came home to...Star Wars night. Right. That aside it was a divisional game for the boys as they took on the Winnipeg Jets. Brian Elliott would get the start tonight. Michael Hutchinson would start (not finish) for the Jets. Chris Butler would start again for the sick (not injured) Jay Bouwmeester. Let's get this party started.

First Period:

Things would start off quickly. But not in a good way:

Petteri Lindbohm was called for holding on Andrew Ladd. I called bullshit on it, but my opinion on the interwebz doesn't count. Luckily, the Jets wouldn't convert. Just when you thought the Blues were on their way, Lindbohm would get called for yet another penalty. This time for delay of game. Which, the more I see it called, the more I think it's the worst penalty in the NHL to have. Whatever. It wouldn't be a home game without the Blues giving up a first period goal:

Ells. What are you doing? I'm a firm Elliott supporter, but I can't even begin to...I got nothing buddy. It would be the ninth consecutive home game that the Blues would give up the first goal. (Thanks Lou Korac). Wonder what the record for that is. Tyler Myers and Alexander Steen would get into a fight. Kind of. I mean if you want to call it that, go for it, but they didn't even receive fighting majors. Later in the period the Blues, as they have in the past, answered back as Jaden Schwartz would tie the game up at 1. On the play, Tarasenko would somehow keep this puck in the Blues offensive zone:

It was a power play goal for the Blues and number 23 for Schwartzy.

Second Period:

Thirty seconds into the period Tarasenko would have enough of this tie game nonsense:

Another no nonsense type of guy, Ryan Reaves would have a nice scrap with Anthony Peluso. I'd say it lasted about a good 2-3 minutes. Also, not sure if anyone else noticed, Reaves was shaking his hand at one point during the bout as if he broke a finger. Nothing has come of that, and he finished the game, so it was probably nothing serious. Moving on in the period...HOLY SHIT STEVE OTT SCORED A GOAL:

As far as things go Steve Ott, Unicorns, and fat guy touchdowns are probably the most rare. But hey, it was nice to see. So was that sweet pass from David Backes to set Ott up in the first place. The Blues wouldn't be finished yet, as a minute later Jori Lehtera realized he was the only one on the STL line that hadn't scored a goal yet...

Tic-Tac-Toe has never been more fun. The Jets, needing a change, would pull Hutch for goaltender Ondrej Pavelec.

Third Period:

The Blues would forget how to hockey. Go soft. Frankly, they looked like hell, but that happens to this team sometimes with a big lead(alarming). Andrew Ladd would raise blood pressures a little bit with this:

Power play goal for the Jets would make it 4-2. Alright. Can handle that. The Blues had a two goal lead. Had being the key word:

So, it was 4-3. Anyone else getting nervous yet? I know I was. At least in the Toronto game, you could get a sense of the Blues keeping their foot on the gas so to speak. Here? Not so much. In fact it was the opposite of that in the third. Like they pulled up. And went 0 fer on what was a good chunk of the time on the powerplay. At one point, the Blues would have about a minute and a half on the two man advantage. Winnipeg didn't seem to mind all the penalty killing though:

HOW IS HE THAT WIDE OPEN ON A PENALTY KILL? But I digress. Am I just losing my mind or was the Blues defense just absolutely horrid in the third? Insert regular I miss Shattenkirk quote here. So, three goal lead blown. To be honest the game could have been 5-4 but the post is a goalie's best friend. But alas, the game remained tied. And then the greatest goal in the history of ever happened:

I laughed again as I sat here and watched it. And that my friends would be the game saving, game winning goal. Wow. What a way to win it. What a way for the Jets to blow at least one point they should have had. The Blues escape a crazy one tonight. Hopefully the issues that lead to the blowing a three goal lead will be addressed fast. Honestly though, shouldn't those issues already be addressed? Who knows. What I do know is, they can't have stuff like this happen. Just can't. Playoff run time everyone. Buckle up.

With that, the Blues host the Flyers on Thursday night. Pick up a paper if you have a chance!