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Russian Referee Evgeny Romasko Working Flyers/Blues Tonight

The NHL's first Russian referee is in town for Tarasenko bobblehead night.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Blues fans might want to keep their ears peeled for a different sound tonight for the penalties. No, the Power Play Dance is still there, but the guy calling the penalty on Philly will have a unique accent. A Russian one.

Evgeny Romasko's first game was Monday night's 5-2 win by the Detroit Red Wings over the Edmonton Oilers. Here's his first penalty call from that game.

Romasko reffed 32 AHL games this year before making the jump to the NHL. He reffed in the KHL for several seasons before that. Overall, he's called 342 games, so he's got experience. He'll be paired with vet Paul Devorski tonight.