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Saturday Links - First in the West, Almost

The St. Louis Blues are a few points away from being first in the League. That sounds cool but the PRESIDENTS TROPHY IS CURSED! Now that that is out of the way, TO THE LINKS!

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I have succumb to the evil Head Cold thing that has been floating around my place of work, please have mercy on possible spelling and grammar errors.


  • Its Game Day! The Blues will take on the Wild later tonight at 7pm CT in St. Louis. Here is a Preview to meander while you wait for the STLGT preview. [NHL]
  • Hitch has reached the 700 Club, of NHL Coaches, Not the TV Program that Airs on ABC Family at 3 AM. This guy took a look at how he did it and who might be next. [HockeyNews]
  • In Case you missed the News a month ago, There is a Baby Backes on the way. If Kelly is a Saint and David is an American Hero, clearly their child is going to cure cancer or something. [Twitter]


  • While you are linking, make a pit stop at Hockey Wilderness and say hi, shake a few hands, toss a few beers, let them know who's the boss in this game. [Hockey Wilderness]


  • The Fact that the Blues are second in the Western Conference OVER Nashville is shocking and funny. [NHL Standings]
  • There were games last night, The important one for the Blues was Ducks/Wild. The win for Anehim meant they took sole possession of the #1 spot in the west, with 93 pts. [NHL Scores]
  • Justin Williams is happy his team did some things. [LATimes]
  • The Hamburgaler is at it again in Ottawa. [HockeyNews]
  • The Hawks will be with out Joakim Nordstrom for 2 games. According to Blackhawks fans, the NHL Hates the Blackhawks. Chicago Logic, FTW. [PuckDaddy]


  • Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk of Firefly Fame are making a web series. It's loosely based on their lives after Firefly being cancelled. They have an Indigogo. Donate. [IndieGoGo]
  • "Dick Jobs" are a thing now, apparently. [SkyNews]
  • TODAY IS PI DAY! It is in fact a special Pi Day that can only happen once every 100 years. 3.1415 (and if you want to be extra nerdy you will eat your pi items at 9:23:56 AM/PM) [Slate]


St. Louisans are taking over Hollywood! If you haven't seen The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix, you should. It Stars St. Louisan Ellie Kemper. Here is an Interview talking about our Prince, Jon Hamm. The Hat of Lies was sadly not brought up.

I am sick, so please help me out and send me links!

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