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Wild At Blues Game Day Thread AND Buy Our Paper

The GDT for Saturday night's game, plus a link to get the GT fan-run paper

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Greetings friends of Game Time. This is your official game day thread for Wild at Blues. Don't accept any knockoffs sold on some street corner.

And speaking of what's sold on a street corner, if you're reading this you're probably not at the game. Would you like to buy our fan-run paper we sell outside every Blues home game? It has 24 pages of stats, analysis, commentary, jokes and other fun stuff that you will not see on this website. Less than 10 percent of what's in the paper will ever be on the site. So you may not even know what you're missing.

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To give you a taste and get you primed for the GDT, here's what a formerly Poor College Student has to say about tonight's game.

Welcome to the Scottrade Center, home of the first place St. Louis Blues. During the torrid winning streak the Blues went on during the January and February months, it seemed as though the Predators always managed to keep pace or even gain a point or two. Of course, having a couple extra games over the schedule helped their cause, but now that the Blues have made up the deficit, the two games in hand seem like a just reward for putting up with Nashville being such a goddamn pain in the ass.

I'm well aware that it only would have taken one fortunate deflection or one wellplaced shot for the Flyers to have escaped with a 1-0 victory on Thursday, but that game seemed like the most lopsided scoreless contest that I've ever seen. While Philadelphia had a grip on the faceoff dot, the Blues seemed to dominate in just about every other facet. Apart from shit like time on attack and shots on goal, the Blues looked as though they imposed their will in the parts of the game that aren't necessarily quantifiable. Board battles, 50/50 pucks and smart decisions were happening all over, with one glaring exception being the illadvised blind pass by Vladimir Tarasenko in his own zone. Then again, that's the same player that will be the guy carrying the Hart Trophy votes among Blues players, so I suppose it's best to not reinvent his style of play. After all, 91's creativity and sometimes unconventional methods are the process that's shot both him and his linemates into the mainstream of hockey fans. Think anybody else in the league gave two shits about Jori Lehtera before this year? It's doubtful. Jaden Schwartz was a promising youngster who was looking for his place in the lineup. Now, the trio is one of the most recognizable lines in the entire league and they may not even be the best unit on the team come playoff time.

Cool, huh?

So leave lots of comments. And buy the paper, please. Copier bill, paper bill to pay.