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Monday Links - WINNING!

The St. Louis Blues Finally gained a few points yesterday!

Dis is my puck Tyler, NO SCOREY!
Dis is my puck Tyler, NO SCOREY!
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports


  • Of course the St. Louis Blues decided to fucking show up on a day I can't watch! For those who were as unfortunate as I was Justin had the Recap. [STLGT]
  • The Big D saw the game a little differently. Here is their recap. [DBD]
  • Darren Pang proved he still had a few glove saves in him during last nights broadcast, by catching a puck out of midair. Look at those instincts! Stick taps to Defending Big D for the video! [DBD]


  • The power of the Flying V held strong as the Ducks came back in the 3rd, to take the game from the Predators. Oh and other hockey happened too. [NHL Scores]
  • Good ol' Joe Thornton pulled out the good "You Shut Your Mouth When Youre Talking To Me!!!" I wouldn't want to mess with Jumbo Joe, he has a mean elbow. Stick Tap to TerrapinKen. [PuckDaddy]
  • Carey Price and a tiny Canadians fan recreated the Elliott/Tarasenko Selfie during a commercial break Saturday night. [Instagram]
  • After stealing another point from the Flyers, The Hamburgler was gifted a hamburger salute. Never Change Ottawa. [HockeyNews]
  • While they arn't destroying their City, Chicagoains are errecting shrines to "St. Patrick"... Kane. Ew. [PuckDaddy]


  • Speaking of Chicago being destroyed, Wrigleyville was seemingly under attack yesterday. Over 17 drunk worshipers of Patricia Kane were arrested. [CWBChicago]
  • Peter Jackson won an Oscar for Return of the King, that big battle scene towards the 7 endings was filmed on a minefield. [Nerdist]
  • In irrelivent and vomit inducing news, Justin Bieber was roasted on Comady Central last night. [NyDailyNews]


NSFW, Some beautiful soul combined footage from Game of Thrones and The Princess Bride.

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