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Blues At Flames Morning Open Thread: Right Where We Want Them

Whatever the Blues do tonight, goal number one should be preventing a Calgary comeback.

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

The Calgary Flames love improbable comebacks. There hasn't been a story that's been as much fun to follow in the league for me, personally, than the Calgary Flames' playoff push. I like new blood in the postseason. Right now, the Flames sit third in the Pacific with 81 points, ahead of the Kings by virtue of ROW.

They also seem to have more write-off wins than any team in the league. Fall behind against the Ducks? No problem. Win 6-3. Fall behind to the Red Wings? Win 5-2. So, basically, the Blues need to spot the Flames a first period lead so the Flames will lose.

Tonight's the first time the Blues will be in Calgary this year; the team beat the Flames 4-1 back in October. This isn't a write-off game for the Blues and Brian Elliott. Sure, the Blues are 8-2-1 in their last 11 against the Flames, and that's pretty not half bad. But this Flames team? Write them off at your own risk.

This is your morning open thread. Head back for some Road Music, your preview, and whatever stuff happens to pop up. While you're waiting for puck drop, don't forget to stop by Matchsticks and Gasoline and say hi to our friends over there.