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Recap: Blues Get 'Nucked In Shootout

Even with wooing, random goalie changes, and other fuckery; Blues salvage point in Vancouver.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

After a needed 2 points in Edmonton, the Blues would travel to Vancouver to face the Miller-less Canucks. Jake Allen would start for the Blues and Eddie Lack would start for the Canucks. Let's jump right into it tonight as A LOT happened.

First Period:

So you hate late games? You hated the slow starts? Well I can at least help out with one of these problems. Even though the Blues played the night before, They were the agressive team early on. Something that they have lacked as of late. (No pun intended...for now) Just 39 seconds into the game the Blues would test Lack:

The Blues would continue to dictate the pace of play in the first. Nice change right? I thought so too. Jake Allen looked good early on:

Soon after, the Blues good looking effort would pay off. But not from a line you might expect. That's right, the fourth line did a thing! I must admit that they honestly made this look waaaay too easy. I cannot confirm the attendance of Mr. Reaves, but Ryan didn't seem to care. He took this sweet pass from Steve Ott and buried it for an early 1-0 Blues lead:

But wait, there's MORE. (Billy Mays voice). Alex Pietrangelo wanted in on this party too:

So, the Blues were rolling right along in the first. To be honest, it looked like the beginning of a rout. And then this happened. I'm really over the odd man rushes by the way:

But no big deal. The Blues still had a one goal lead. It wasn't time to flip out yet. The Canucks and their woo, wouldn't go away though. (Ric Flair wants his gimmick back by the way) Yannik Weber would rip one past Allen here:

So the Blues would get the quick lead, and then lose that lead quick. It was fun while it lasted. But seriously, it's nice to see the Blues start off fast instead of not waking up right away and getting bit in the ass for it.

Second Period:

Oh boy. This is where the wheels would start to come off. (Don't get ahead of me yet) After squandering the two goal lead in the first, things would seem to have hit a wall in the second. Or if you're Ryan Reaves, it hit Zack Kassian. Kassian thought he would be cool and sucker punch Reaves while the linesmen were in between them. Reaves would get the last laugh as Kassian would later have the shiner to prove it. As he threw a punch back and decked Mr. Kassian right in the face. It made me feel better for a little bit. That's all the laughing any of us Blues fans would do in this period as it all went downhill from there. The momentum that the Canucks gained in the first would continue well on into the second. This didn't help:

This horse has already been beaten to death, so I won't say much. What I will say is that the whistle blew. Should have been dead. And there was no intent to blow it. He blew it. Moving on, The Canucks wouldn't stop there. They would make it 4-2 (3-2 depending on your view of that last goal). Henrik Sedin would provide another wooing opportunity as he would wrist one past Allen:

Third Period:

Things were not looking good for the Blues. Or the mood of the faithful. Starting the third period would be Brian Elliott, who just came off of yet another stellar performance. Nick Bonino would get a wonderful shot past Ells. I'm honestly not sure how this one got in:

After that, Ells was immediately pulled back out and Allen put back in. It was a real curious move by Hitch. It will be interesting to see why it was even made in the first place. That wouldn't be the only story in the third. Just when you thought the Blues were dead, Dmitrij Jaskin would give the Blues a little life on the power play:

So what right? It was still 5-3 at that point. Lack seemed to be having a decent game. Seemed like a garbage goal at the time. With a little under six minutes left, Petteri Lindbohm would score another goal for the good guys making it 5-4:

Well, here we go. Late in the game. The Blues were giving the fans that stuck around a show. (It was getting late in St. Louis mind you) And your captain David Backes would reward them with the equalizer that pretty much made me scare my dog:

Rejoice everyone! The game was tied! Despite everything that happened, the Blues would find away to steal a point. I don't think I have ever been SO happy about this.

Overtime: (Yes, there was overtime!)

In the overtime frame, the Blues would almost win the game...twice. First T. J. Oshie would ring one of the post. Then, Jay Bouwmeester would also clank one of off the post. Shit.


Welp. Here's the only real highlight:

Despite losing in the skills portion of the evening the Blues would come back down three in the the third to get a point. A very well earned point. Very impressed with how the Blues battled back. It kinda felt like a game vs Toronto back in the day. 5-0 Vs. Cujo. Take a watch below. That was a fun one too. (Thanks for the thought CrossCheckRaise)

The Blues will come back to the good ol' US and A to continue the road swing on Thursday to take on the Flyers.