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2015 NHL Trade Deadline Open Thread

It may not be an exciting deadline, and the Blues might not do much, so come chat about other teams' deals here.

Someone set this man free!
Someone set this man free!
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Make sure that you have TSN's Tradecentre (or trade tracker) open on your desk today if you're at work. It's trade deadline day! There haven't been scads of huge trades so far unless you count Jeff Petry being taken off of the table and Braden Coburn going to the Lightning. It appears to be a seller's market, as GMs are ditching top picks left and right for rentals.

Do these guys not know that only one team can win the Stanley Cup? Geeze. Save someone for the Blues (or not).

Chat up trades and rumors here - and don't forget, trades can be announced after the deadline too!