Bortuzzo According To Pensburgh


Bortuzzo’s best traits are easy to see- he’s got size, he’s right-handed and he’s physical.

Thanks to Jim from Pensburgh for his take on Bortuzzo. Sounds like we have a new candidate for "guy most likely to bust his ass."

He’s a decent skater and puck-mover, but isn’t particularly good at either. Same with shot and offensive instincts, he’s not going to bring a lot to the table there.

Defensively, he is OK, very physical, will block shots but has some weird habits. You may notice that he seems to fall down a lot, sometimes willingly, like he’s playing goalie but as a defenseman. Sort of bizarre that they didn’t coach him out of it, but in scramble situations he has some weird habits, and it doesn’t seem to be effective.

But, overall, he’s young, can be a decent #6 or #7 option on the cheap that won’t win a ton of games, but can chew up some minutes and make life difficult for the other team.

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