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Sunday Links - Mo Town Smo' Town

The Blues head to Detroit to rectify the crappy situation they put themselves in.

Get off the ice and think about what you've done!
Get off the ice and think about what you've done!
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Big thank you to Kate for covering links yesterday after the sudden and unexpected discovery that Gametime wasn't viewable via the interwebs at work.


  • Blues lost in horrifying fashion yesterday. If you missed it and want to know more Justin has your recap. [STLGT]
  • The Blues are itching to get Kevin Shattenkirk back in the lineup. I can personally say, I miss him lots as well. [TheHockeyWriters]



  • There were other scores from around the league last night. []
  • The Carey Price Selfie saga continues as the young fan who took the photo sent a Thank you Note to "Mr. Price." [PuckDaddy]
  • Mr. Jaro Halak was in fine form last night, earning yet another Shutout with the Islanders. [Yahoo]
  • When good teams go bad. CCR sent in the Anatomy of a Losing Streak. The Blues need to pick up a copy and read it. [CBS Sports]


  • Female Thor is kicking Male Thor's ass, outselling her former incarnation by over 25%! Damn Gurrrlll. [Polygon]
  • Move over Doritos Taco, Taco Bell has a new innovative taco to mass produce. [Yahoo]
  • The Beauty of the Chauvet Cave will once again be open to the public in a huge state of the art recreation exhibit. [Smithsonianmag]


CCR Covered the video front, which honestly somewhat scared the child in me.

send me all your links and videos for tomorrow! You have two options: