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Monday Links - More Like Guidelines Than Actual Rules

Welcome to the NHL where sticks break and its illegal to play with them, unless you are the Detroit Red Wings.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports


  • The game was weird and annoying, like all Red Wings games are. As my twitter feed pointed out, there were things that weren't called by the officials. To put it bluntly, the Blues didn't put themselves in a good position either. has your Recap. [STLGT]
  • Fans of the red team saw things differently and clearly not as angrily as us on the STL side. [WIIM]
  • Hitch wasn't happy with the officials after the game. He gave us a zinger through Lou Korac. [Twitter]
  • Lou had a thing or two to say about the call as well. Jake Allan also made a very good point as to why play wasn't blown dead after Chris Butler was hit in the face with the puck. [Blogspot]
  • Puck daddy reviewed the Broken stick indecent. [PuckDaddy]


  • The Rangers have taken sole possession of the NHL Point lead, Destroying Anahiem 7-2 yesterday. [NHL Scores]
  • Steven Stamkos tried to Fight Brad Marchand yesterday and it was hilarious. [HockeyNews]
  • The most Canadian Photo ever taken was posted on twitter. Stick tap to Grant for the link. [HuffPost]


  • In someway the world can thank the Comedy that had the worst ending in the history of all sitcoms for Better Call Saul. [Cinemablend]
  • A bar in Ohio has started rewarding its patrons with coupons for not drinking and driving. [Buzzfeed]
  • The Veteran Vision project is sending a powerful message of what its like to come back and live in the world as a former solder. (PTSD Trigger warning.) [Veteran Vision Project]


Robert Downey Jr. is really Iron Man at heart. He is also a big old softy.

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