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Blues At Penguins Morning Open Thread: End Of The Road (Trip)

The Blues long six game road trip ends tonight in the Steel City.

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight we'll get a chance to see Ian Cole, Maxim Lapierre, and David Perron in action. Feel the rush. The Blues will also try to finish this road trip on a high note that involves fewer bad bounces and fewer stupid penalties. Sure, the penalty kill's good, but how about the team doesn't tire themselves out by taking six penalties a game? As Steve Ott told Lou Korac:

"Now for us to grab it in here and really kind of go downhill with this and be a top penalty killing team in the last few months, that's important. Key to stay out of the box? Yes; that's the importance of killing those penalties at a premium."

When someone translates what that means, please post it in the comments.

Jake Allen will be in net, because he played lights out against Detroit. The two goals he allowed came off of a bounce from Chris Butler's head and a broken stick. It's hard to fault him for that.

This is your morning open thread. Check back later on for some CCR Road Music and your GTD. Head on over to PensBurgh to see what they're saying about tonight's game and the playoff race in the East. It's some wacky shit.