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Beyond Checkerdome #79: Release The Cracknell!

The latest episode is up and is still wondering what happened in OT?

These slow first periods are even putting the players to sleep
These slow first periods are even putting the players to sleep
Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Blues fans! We're back with another episode of Beyond Checkerdome! Now echo-free!!

This week, we cover the first and only #79 in Blues history. There were some pretty interesting names in his draft round, (you'll see what I mean) and we're glad to have him back. We recap the last home game, and then the road trip thus far. We recorded this after the Detroit game, so... you can bet we have some thoughts on THAT. Other topics and tangents: the trouble with evaluating goalies, #FirstPlaceProblems, officiating, our further love for Finnish players, the Beyond Checkerdome drinking game, and the passing of CapGeek founder Matthew Wuest. Also, what role does Sobotka have in the Blues future?

Give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, click HERE

Thanks for listening, and for all of your support through this year. It's almost time for the postseason!

The article about evaluating goalies was a "Trending Topics" column, not "What We Learned". Anyway, the link is HERE and well worth reading. Also, the Steve Dangle LFR video that finishes with a really eloquent tribute to Matthew Wuest : check it out HERE.

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