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GameThread for Vancouver Canucks at St. Louis Blues, Mar 30, 2015

The Blues will be sans Steen tonight, but they still have a chance to snag a playoff spot with a win.

Ben Nelms/Getty Images

The Blues can clinch. Duh. The Blues will also, according to SportsClubStats, probably play the Blackhawks or Wild in the postseason - two tough opponents.

What does that mean for the Blues? They need to get focused on playing their game, and quick. They have two games left against the Blackhawks, and the last game of the season is against the Wild, so there's some practice, but the sooner that they get focused the better odds there are of them making it to the second round of the playoffs.

This is your GameDay Thread. Comment like you want a home win, dammit. Remember what those felt like? They were pretty awesome, right? Let's do that again. Let's Go Blues.