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Beyond Checkerdome #80: Big Hitter, Lama

The latest episode is up and is alright ... nobody worry about us!

Too soon to start referring to them as "Big Jax" and "Little Jax"?
Too soon to start referring to them as "Big Jax" and "Little Jax"?
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Blues are never a dull moment, are they? This week we start with the only #80 in Blues history, who was a heavy hitter himself. Tangents include minor league hockey and our favorite rabbit hole, old draft picks. There were only two games to cover, but they were so different they really summarize the season as a whole. Ups, downs, and scoring from unlikely places. Some concerns about goaltending and team defense are shared. And of course, we're still eyeballing the playoffs and the matchups we see coming down the pike. Bottom line- we don't care who we play.

Give it a listen, eh?

For a download link, clickHERE

As the playoffs get closer, the stakes get higher, and people are more and more on edge. We hope this helps a little bit to make things calmer. It's a good time to be a Blues fan.

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