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Monday Links - Tom Hanks Really Really Likes You

Daylight savings time is evil. Can we get rid of it?

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John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Blues News:

  • In Case you missed it here is the Gametime Recap of the Blues domination of the Toronto Maple Leafs. [STLGT]
  • Arch Authority ponders if the Blues are better off without Jay Bouwmeester. In my opinion, no they are not. [AA]

Hockey News:

  • New York split hairs and helped out the Blues, sorta, by defeating the Blackhawks in OT. [NHL]

  • A Hawks fan  ended up splitting their head open at their first NHL game. Ironically the message didn't get through and they refused to leave. Nice try Hockey Gods. [NESN]
  • Elias Lindholm scored a hat trick for Carolina in an amazing 3 goal comeback versus Edmonton. [FoxSports]
  • Christian Fischer, of team USA scored 6 seconds into the game, setting the USHL record for fast it goal. Coincidentally it was scored in the perfect length for a vine. [PuckDaddy]

Other News:

  • David Backes should get an endorsement deal with Samsung so he can acquire a few of these high tech dog houses. [Geek]
  • Getting rid of Daylight Savings time is a very good idea. Just ask anyone who has to lose a sleep shortly after coming home from work. [TheAtlantic]
  • Science is making great strides to rid the world of Alzheimer's. This research could be useful in post concussion syndrome. [Geek]


Tom Hanks can do anything.

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