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Tarasenko, Steen, Bortuzzo, And Elliott To Return Saturday

The Blues are getting their wounded (and those with wounded pride) back in the lineup to close the season out.

Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

The Blues were playing so well without Alexander Steen and Vladimir Tarasenko that the two injured forwards got a little extra time before the playoffs to rest up and recuperate. To show the fans appreciation for their patience, they will be back Saturday afternoon.

Oh, and Robert Bortuzzo, too.

Nice addendum.

In addition, Brian Elliott will be back in net for the last game of the regular season. Elliott, you will remember, has played well for most of the season but has currently been a bench warmer while Hitchcock rides the almost unsustainably hot Jake Allen right into a game one start. While some believe that this constitutes a goalie controversy, I believe this is just the coach riding the hot hand until something happens. Regardless of what's going on, this is a chance for Elliott to get some work in and for him also to remind people that he exists, which is better done sooner than later.