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2015 NHL Playoffs: Who Do You Want The Blues To Play?

The Blues have three options for round one. Unfortunately, "bye" is not one of them.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Who will the Blues play in the first round? Right now, we have no clue. The end of tonight? We'll know.

Here's the complicated math behind tonight's playoff seeding from the Blues' game preview:

Here's the scenario from the NHL on how the Blues can win the West tonight:

The Blues would clinch the top seed in the Western Conference if they defeat the Wild in regulation or overtime AND the Ducks post a shootout win or a loss of any kind against the Coyotes OR if they defeat the Wild in a shootout AND the Ducks lose to the Coyotes in any fashion OR if they get one point against the Wild AND the Ducks lose to the Coyotes in regulation.

Got all that?

Why does life have to be complicated?

Who would you guys like to see the Blues take on in round one? Personally, I vote the Jets, because A) I am a glutton for punishment (personal reasons - former Thrashers STH for those who don't know me) and B) because I have seen Ondrej Pavelec play like this many times before. The end of the streak is nigh.