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2015 NHL Playoff Odds: Blues Close To The Top To Win

The Blues aren't the odds on favorite, but they're still pretty high up there regardless.

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Here're the odds for the Cup, from Bovada (as published in the Post-Dispatch).. The Blues and Blackhawks both have 8/1 odds to win.

I would say something snarky about the Blackhawks "backing into the playoffs" or not playing as well as they should or looking tired or blah blah blah, but Patrick Kane is back for game one of their series against Nashville. We all know the gear that coach Joel Quennville is capable of pushing them into. I don't think that it's too silly to say that they're up near the top of the crop.

The playoffs haven't started yet, so these are just speculation. Let's see how much money is lost after the end of round one.