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2015 NHL Playoffs Blues/Wild Game One Preview

Are you guys ready for some playoff hockey? I know that I am.

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

It's tough to write a game one preview, isn't it? These two teams have never met in the playoffs, split the season series, and while the Wild have blown the doors off of the league down the stretch the Blues have played some dominant hockey recently.

I could be lazy and point your direction toward CrossCheckRaise's absolutely kick-ass series preview. So I will. Read this. He raises some damn good points, especially that this year's Wild are 2009's Blues. Put a terrifying beard on Devan Dubnyk and shave his head and there you go. Yes, this year's Wild have more firepower than the 2009 Blues did, but for the first half of the season it didn't seem that they could figure out how to use it. Add a hot goalie and ride him into the ground? Playoffs!!!11!!!

And this may also be an issue for the Wild. Dubnyk has been the guy. Like the only guy. Boy, I bet he's pooped. It sure would be a problem if he slipped in the playoffs due to fatigue and lack of post-seaspn/high pressure experience.

No, I'm not pointing to Jake Allen's minute or so of experience against the Kings a few years ago as the reason that the Blues' playoff chances are a lock. Both players have some minor league playoff experience. Both have represented Team Canada at some point in their careers.

But Jake Allen hasn't been ridden into the damn ground this season. Devan Dubnyk has. Allen's stats this season aren't practically an unsustainable statistical anomaly. Devan Dubnyk's are.

Keep your eyes on the goalies tonight.