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GameThread for Calgary Flames at St. Louis Blues, Apr 2, 2015

A win and they're in. They need the win.

Derek Leung/Getty Images

This shouldn't be bad tonight, right? This should totally be an easy win against an opponent that the Blues have walked all over all season long. This will end well. This will end positively. Every other game tonight in the league will end in a way that benefits the Blues.

Power of positive thought. Power of positive thought.

The Blues' fanbase is a curiosity to the fans of other teams right now. The Blues sit third in the West, still in the race for the Central Division banner, and yet here we sit, biting our nails, buying beer in bulk at Costco or where ever you prefer to purchase your bulk Bud. We sit on our couches and in our seats at Scottrade, watching through our fingers.

Blues hockey. Ain't it somethin'?

This is your GameDay Thread. Comment like you believe that something will clinch tonight - preferably the Blues.

Let's do this. Let's Go Blues.