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Blues Lineup Stays Static For Game Three Versus Wild

Nope. No Bortuzzo. More Gunnarsson. Hopefully more better Gunnarsson.

How has Hitchcock figured his lineup out? He explained that to Lou Korac:

"Mostly how guys play. Impact in the series changes," Hitchcock said. "After two games, they have different players who have had impact in a positive way, we have different guys who are there, but I think you're also prepared to coach with a very short leash.

"We changed in the third period (of Game 2) because we were having other guys who were having a bigger impact in the game. I think you look at it game-by-game impact. They have a couple players that have surprised us and I'm sure we have a couple guys that have surprised them on their impact on the game. Not necessarily on the point total, but in the impact on the game. You have to be prepared to make rational judgments early and know that what a guy did in the regular season, some guys at this time of year do more and some guys do less, some guys are a little overwhelmed early so you have to make those adjustments."