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Check Your Head: Blues At Wild Game 4 Preview

Our boys need to stop this Jekyll and Hyde nonsense

"You're lucky he's holding me back!"
"You're lucky he's holding me back!"
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

I don't think there's a lot more to be said about this team. Both here and around the Blues twitterverse, we can pass the mic so everyone gets a say ... but what really matters most is what the players demonstrate on the ice. At the moment the puck drops, the game is up for grabs. Nobody owns it yet, and the Blues have every chance to take it for their own. The Wild cannot control anything that the Blues don't allow them to - pure and simple.

Vladimir Tarasenko has a hat trick in this series, 3 goals from the same game .... and 0 shots on net in the other two.

David Backes and T.J. Oshie are both without a single point in this series this far. Osh hasn't touched the scoresheet since April 3rd.

Free agent splash Paul Stastny is also without any points so far. He had a strong showing last year against the Wild, but nothing going so far this year.

The Blues are confident that they can win, but all the confidence in the world means jack shit without the will to put it into action. Hard work can trump skill, if they let it. The Wild might be a better team than I originally gave them credit for, but they have also out-worked a lot of the Blues players. St Louis can either fight back and regain control with a tough road win, or buckle and end the season with a whimper. Something's got to give.

So, what'cha want? Goal support for Jake Allen, who has had a tremendous series. Leaders to lead. Shooters to shoot instead of making that one extra pass. An early lead that will lighten up the troops a little and take the edge off. It seems like the first goal is the hardest, and only after that bridge is crossed do things pick up. I'd like to see the maestro Vladimir Tarasenko get back on the scoresheet ... but he can't do it on his own.

If the Blues can stand together on this, and work together (with a capital WORK), that should turn the tide.

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Final Verse: A late start to fit in with the TV schedule, the puck drops at 8:30 St Louis time. The GDT should be along shortly beforehand. The radio call will be on Y98 FM here in St Louis, and the TV broadcast will be... complicated. HERE is a link to the TV schedule.  Check in one way or another, and come visit us in the GameDay Thread.

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