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Wednesday Links - Your Annual Fill Of Panic

Everyone loses their shit over the Blues. We find out tonight whether the panic was warranted. Oh, and Fuck Chicago.

"Well, yeah."
"Well, yeah."
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

I didn't have time to lose my shit after Monday's loss. I don't give time for a complete lack of effort.

Well, apart from that podcast. But whatever, that barely counted.


  • The Blues need to give us a reason to watch Game 4 against the Wild(s), writes Hildy. [SLGT]
  • The Blues are playing for the trust of St. Louis sports fans, writes Brad. [SLGT]
  • The pressure is on the Blues' core, writes Joe. [SLGT]
  • Optional skate yesterday. [SLGT FanShots]
  • Hitch was mum on possible lineup changes. Which, I hope, is a good sign that there MAY be some lineup changes. [In the Slot / Lou Korac]
  • So, Trevor and I (and several others around here) aren't the only ones who think Steve Ott is little more than a rodeo clown in hockey gear. Word's getting around. (S/T to I_AM_SPARTACUS) [Star-Tribune]
  • Episode #83 of Beyond Checkerdome takes us back to when the series was tied. Tony from Hockey Wilderness joined us. [SLGT]



  • You probably know this by now, but definitely check out the good folks at Hockey Wilderness for the Wild(s) side of things. [Hockey Wilderness]


  • Four scores last night, none of which were seven years ago. Fuck Detroit. Fuck Chicago. Oh yes, Cal/Gary. And oh my, Caps/Isles. [ 04/21/15]
  • Four games tonight. Two series' could end. None of them are in Minnesota, thankfully. [ 04/22/15]
  • Brooks Orpik had a bad night in the Caps' Game 4 win. First, he took a skate cut to the face . . . [USA Today / For the Win!]
  • . . . then he was struck with what appeared to be a pretty full cup of beer after the game-winner in overtime. Not a good couple nights for the reputation of Isles' fans. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • Is Jack Eichel really that much of a consolation prize? Ryan Lambert muses with numbers in NCAA Hockey 101. [Puck Daddy]
  • An Arizona State student wrote a Master's thesis on how the school's Division I hockey program came to be. And he just happens to be a reporter over at House of Sparky, SBN's Arizona State sports blog. [House of Sparky]
  • Anze Kopitar, Jiri Hudler and Pavel Datsyuk were named the finalists for this year's Lady Byng Memorial Trophy, aka "The Award No Tough Guy Wants". [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Kings forward Jarret Stoll will have his first hearing stemming from his Vegas charges on Friday . . . on July 1st, the day he's set to become a UFA. Damn, that's juicy timing. [Orange County Register]


  • Jumping cows! [NPR / The Salt]
  • Haven't we all wanted to shoot our computer? Well, this Colorado man did . . . and now faces charges. [Y! / Reuters]
  • Stan Kroenke just wept. Good. Fuck that guy. [Deadspin]


I want the Blues to get mad:

I want them to get as mad as hell.

Goddamnit, now I want to watch Network.

Alright, no matter what happens tonight, my wife has links tomorrow. So send her stuff: