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Get Tonight's Game Time Paper Right Now

You can buy tonight's paper we sell outside the stadium to get you through the rest of the afternoon.

None of these people read Game Time, but you should. Let's Go Clock!
None of these people read Game Time, but you should. Let's Go Clock!
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports


It's Friday. The Blues don't play until 8:30 p.m. St. Louis time. That's like an entire work day from right now. Ugh.

How are you going to do it? Will you make it? The clock, is it working? I think it might have slowed down. Check your phone. Damn. It's that time still. Hours to go.

You know what? You need something that will take some time and occupy the hockey part of your brain. Plus you'll look busy inf the boss comes by to see if you're done with your TPS reports. Get the memo for the new format? Good.

Now here's what you do. Go to our secure vendor and go get TONIGHT'S ISSUE. Right now. I mean right now.

Here's what we have tonight. Tim breaks down the last couple games and gives some opinions about what to look for tonight. My column kind of puts in perspective how big Wednesday's game was in the big picture. You want to know what the Blues record is when they have one day of rest? Covered. Our franchise goalie talks about how this series hasn't delivered a ton of great hockey while Rick explores Big Foot and the unexplained, like Monday's game. Jeff has a confession: he's wearing a Wild jersey tonight - FOR A GOOD REASON. Nate uses the word fuck 21 times. In one paragraph. We've got lookalikes, the Fight Card, building blocks, rosters including salaries, ref stats for Blues games dating back to 2007, prospect news, a cartoon featuring the big blue bear, Tyler tells Vladimir Tarasenko to shooooot, Artie compares hunting mushrooms and Blues playoff games, there's a puzzle, top 11 lists, jokes AND MORE.

That's a lot of stuff crammed into 24 pages, my friend. And I guarantee it will help the clock move faster.

Thanks for reading. And Lets Go Clock!

And Blues. Definitely Blues.