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The Blues Are Breakable And A Top 11 List

In the aftermath of another blown Game 5 at home, what's the worst that can happen? (don't answer that)

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That's what I called this team last night on Twitter. It's the only way to explain how they went from absolutely dominating the game in the first period until Jake Allen couldn't catch the puck and allowed a soft goal. After that, they were never the same team.

We've been here before. It seems like the Blues play a decent game every other night. So Sunday should be awesome, right?

Look, we all know the situation. They did this last year. They did this the year before. Three straight years the Blues host a Game 5 on a Friday night with the series even. They have a chance to move to the brink of advancing and instead climb out on the elimination ledge. And the past two playoffs on Sunday afternoons in Game 6, they jumped. So if it happens this time too, don't be shocked.

If we've learned anything as Blues fans, we know this franchise is really, really good at breaking hearts, crushing spirits. The best way to do that? Win Sunday. Come home for Game 7 on Wednesday. Take the game to overtime. Zach Parise breakaway, series over.

I've got a Top 11 list for you, but one other thing I want to cover. Apparently in some corners of Twitter and Facebook, a civil war broke out Friday night. I understand. Emotions run hot, somebody says something you don't like, you light him or her up. Rinse, repeat. I saw one interaction that stuck out.

A fan said he was frustrated and didn't want to be a Blues fan anymore. And his "friends" jumped all over him. Here's the thing. Being a sports fan is supposed to be fun. There are thousands of people who have owned season tickets who do not any longer. Was it because they couldn't afford it? Did they spend money on something else? Nope. They gave up. They got tired of getting their hopes up and then only feeling disappointment. They realized they wanted it to much, that big silver trophy. And it seems as far away as it ever has. There's no legitimate progress, no growth. They simply had enough.

While I understand it, I find it hard to relate. I love Blues games. October. February. Game 5 on a Friday night. That's not to say someday I won't turn my back on this franchise. It's possible. But I will never hold it against someone for saying, "I don't need this aggravation."

Being is a Blues fan is easy most of the time. And then the playoffs start.


Top 11 Comments Fans Said After Game 5

11. I get it. I finally get what Yogi was saying. It is exactly like deja vu all over again.

10. I get that you think the Blues played better than the score, that they outplayed the Wild for long stretches of the game. But the scoreboard doesn't track effort, only goals.

9. Bartender, make it a triple.

8. You think I can get a refund on my down payment for tickets for next season? I need counseling instead?

7. My favorite part was when Tarasenko scored and it didn't seem like the season was ending before my eyes.

6. Someone go to Total Hockey and get Jake Allen a bigger glove.

5. But this time they said it would be different, that the Blues wouldn't hurt us anymore.

4. Thanks for talking me out of running down those Wild fans in the parking lot. Those guys were fat and probably would have dented my fender and scratched the paint.

3. So now the Blues have the opportunity to ruin my Sunday afternoon as well as my Friday night. Watch them announce a big injury on Saturday to ruin that day too.

2. No honey, I'm not mad at you. But you should probably take that Blues gear off before I snap at you again.

1. Know any good tattoo removal places?