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Blues At Wild Game Six Morning Open Thread: D Day

It's time for the Blues to write their own history this afternoon. Which path are they going to choose?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

President (then General) Eisenhower had an alternate speech written for the D Day invasion had it failed, as well as a speech written for the (eventual) successful invasion of Normandy.

I'm writing this the night before game six. I don't know if I should have something prepared for after the game or not. I don't know if the Blues' continued even numbered game dominance will happen or if the easily rattled, fragile team will reappear and continue the team's first round game six tradition.

We could be heading toward a game seven, or the Blues could be heading home. I hope for the former, but just like in every game of the postseason, there is a voice in my head steering me for the latter. Please, Blues. Shut that voice up for once. Stop proving it right.

This is your morning open thread. Check back for some CCR Road Music (hopefully not the last of the season) and your GDT a little later on. If you want to see what optimism looks like, head over to Hockey Wilderness and say hi.