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Wednesday Links - The Sound of Silence

You can pretty much find most of your own Blues news. I'll provide everything else you need to know, as well as a video of a song that pretty much encapsulates the Blues as a franchise.

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Cocky, ain't we?
Cocky, ain't we?
Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry about the lack of links lately. Ash had complete apathy for a couple days, then I went and did fun things Monday and Tuesday and had to back out yesterday.

As you've probably noticed, there wasn't a lack of content since the last time we joined you for links.


  • I could link to all of it here, but you may just be better off checking out the front page of this here website of ours. You can also check out Jeremy Rutherford's Morning Skate blog, Lou Korac's blog, Norm Sanders at the Belleville News-Democrat, David Rogers at Frozen Notes or a myriad of other sources. But read our stuff first. It's the best.
  • The gist of yesterday, though, is that Doug Armstrong had nothing of real importance to say at his season-ending presser. Though that isn't terrible, actually. Army . . . always close to the vest. [SLGT]
  • Also, join Robb's caption contest. There's prizes and shit. Deadline is whenever the Blues announce that Ken Hitchcock won't be back with the team next year . . . which is likely to be soon, so get on it! [SLGT]
  • I would've rather The Committed Indian wrote the Blues' eulogy at Puck Daddy. Y'know, like the good ol' days. [Puck Daddy]
  • Opinions on the future of the Blues from Greg Wyshynski and Ryan Lambert of Puck Daddy. Both, I believe, relatively valid. [Puck DaddyPuck Daddy]
  • I appeared briefly on this week's Hockey Wilderness podcast to bitch about the Blues. As we do. [Hockey Wilderness]



  • Just one game today. Fuck Detroit. [ 04/29/15]
  • And for that game, Niklas Kronwall will be suspended because he's a big fat fucking doodoo head. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Rangers are forgoing the use of capital letters across all social media in preparation for their series with the . . . ummmm . . . Capitals. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • The mayor of the Seattle suburb of Tukwila wants to make #NHLToSeattle happen. Also, the NBA. Which is great, because long live the Supersonics, but WHO CARES GET SEATTLE A FUCKING HOCKEY TEAM RIGHT FUCKING NOW. [USA Today]


  • This was quite bold, from the Houston Rockets, as they closed in on a series win over the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Playoffs. Then it wasn't bold anymore, because it was deleted. Not an unwise call on their part, probably. [Deadspin]
  • The Iowa legislature was evacuated Monday because someone left their mac and cheese in the microwave for a bit too long. [Y! / AP]
  • Can we blame Twitter's share price slide on the Blues too? Someone will, I'm sure. [NPR / The Two-Way]


One of my personal favorite songs, and when I was coming up with the links for today, I was struck with how closely this song parallels with the Blues' history, the Blues of late . . . and how things will be for the rest of THIS season at the Scottrade Center:

"Hello darkness, my old friend . . . I've come to talk with you again . . . . "

Send your links to my wife for tomorrow:

Episode 84 of Beyond Checkerdome is coming next week. Tim and I needed a little time. Understandably, I believe.