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Saturday Links- Work Your Body In Line

The Stars most certainly fell in Dallas last evening, Chicago inched closer, and The Rock sings some Taylor Swift.

Hey Look Smiles!
Hey Look Smiles!
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

My apologies, Today's links will be rather short as I did not receive good Friday off and was not able to do them until 5 AM.


  • The Blues pulled out a W last night. After looking like they were about to Collapse in the 2nd, the team rallied behind a Jaden Schwartz hatty and over took the Big D. Justin had your recap. [STLGT]
  • The Big D defiantly saw the game differently. [DBD]
  • The hockey world wants the little guy with gumption, aka Vladimir Sobotka to return. Stick tap to CCR for the link. [Sportsnet]


  • The Blackhawks got a point closer to the Blues last night. Mother fuckers. [NHL Scores]
  • The Jets say Dustin Byfuglien, or as my Auto correct calls him, Dustin Bellyful, doesn't owe them an apology for the nasty ass slash he was suspended for. [Puck Daddy]


I am letting this one speak for itself...

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