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Tuesday Links - Servo and Crow Switch Heads

We bring you a shitload of Blues links, some other things and we see Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot get their heads switched. Glad to have you back.

"Get behind me, Satan."
"Get behind me, Satan."
Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a while since we've joined you for links. Sorry about that. We're working on a schedule that better fits everyone.


  • Hildy posted a series of Blues Fan Soapbox pieces. Here's what we've had so far. [SLGTSLGTSLGT]
  • Remember how Martin Brodeur was supposed to spend the rest of this year with the Blues organization, then jump over to the Devils? Well, with the shakeup in Jersey, that apparently will not be happening . . . looks like he's sticking around. [Frozen Notes]
  • Brian opened The '15 File with the Blues' "Silver Seven" for the 58th overall pick they hold. [SLGT]
  • In the second part of his dissection of the Blues, Jeff Ponder has questions. One of them (and it's a good one) seems to be . . . why are we talking a LOT about Hitch and NOT a lot about the likes of Brad Shaw and Ray Bennett, as far as accountability is concerned? [The Hockey Writers]
  • We start our Blues UFA Survivor series with the Pros of bringing Barret Jackman back around, from HullandOates85. More to come! [SLGT]



  • One game tonight after zero last night. Again, Montreal NEEDS it. [ 05/12/15]
  • Not participating in that game tonight? Ryan Callahan, who had an emergency appendectomy last night and is now out indefinitely. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • Back on Saturday, Puck Daddy posted Brad and Hildy's eulogy of the Minnesota Wild(s). And it was magnificent. [Puck Daddy]
  • Devan Dubnyk says he wants to stay in Minnesota. Even if Satan isn't with him anymore, I guess. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • Over in Washington, Alex Ovechkin says the Caps will "come back and win the series". I'd like him to be right. [USA Today / For the Win!]
  • Mob informant Michael Blutrich claims the Rangers left the Stanley Cup at a New York strip club the night they won it in 1994. [CBS News / 60 Minutes]
  • Bigger goaltenders are the problem, but bigger nets aren't exactly the solution. That and more in What We Learned. (And ugh, that Blues blog he linked to . . . nope, not clicking it) [Puck Daddy]
  • Elliotte Friedman always has 30 Thoughts. This time, among those 30, he muses that there's three key contenders in the running for the coaching services of Mike Babcock. [Sportsnet]
  • Among those three contenders? Interestingly enough, the Buffalo Sabres . . . and their brass reportedly met with Babcock recently. [CBS Sports Eye on Hockey]
  • Former Boston University scapegoat goaltender Matt O'Connor--considered the top college free agent goaltender--signed a deal with the Senators organization. [The 6th Sens]


  • Tom Brady got a four-game suspension for letting people other than Gisele play with his balls. [Deadspin]
  • I'm sure FIFA really gives a shit. [NPR / Parallels]
  • Sea lions apparently will sleep anywhere. [Y! / AP]
  • Boulevard, everyone's favorite Kansas City brewery (though it's Belgian-owned now) has an IPA I'm gonna have to try the next time I'm in town. [Deadspin / The Concourse]


In the third episode of MST3K Season 1, Joel switched Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo's heads. The results . . . were . . . something:

Oh my.

Please . . . kindly send me links, videos and other shit, and I will post them for you:

And look for Episode 85 of Beyond Checkerdome later in the morning.