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Ken Hitchcock Will Stay, According To Speculation From The NY Post

Don't get ready for any big shake-ups, not that any of us were actually expecting any.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing official, obviously, but at this point it is sounding as if Ken Hitchcock will return behind the bench of the Blues. -- Larry Brooks, NY Post.

And let's admit it, giving him time to decide if he wants to come back, Doug Armstrong taking time to decide if another year's a good idea...

The in-demand coaches are being courted right now. The Blues are a tempting team, but they're not being mentioned in the mix. Blues fans on Twitter have been speculating that Hitch is back. Looks like Larry Brooks is hopping on that speculation train.

Mike Babcock has been given permission to explore his options. Edmonton is hard core going after Todd McClellan. New Jersey is probably going to reunite Ray Shero and Dan Bylsma.

There are a ton of extremely high quality coaches out there that the Blues could be speaking to right now. It's not like Hitch is under contract for another season or anything. Let him go. The notorious four-year shelf life has been reached. By allowing him time to ruminate on his future, Doug Armstrong is sticking with the old Dallas Boys Club.

Loyalty is a very respectable trait. In this situation, though, it may be causing the Blues to miss out on a chance to hire a successful head coach who has won a Stanley Cup in this century.