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A Blues Fan Soapbox: They Got Me

Today's turn on the soapbox comes from Mike.

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They got me. They really got me this year, purchased and still have tickets for all four rounds of the Stanley Cup Finals on the "pay as we play" plan. I purchased the "memorial brick" and I am now beating my head against it. I have the NHL Center Ice package and have watched over 800 games this year.  I remember using the PVC pipe cut in half to pee in the men's room at the "Checkerdome" when I was a kid.  I am born and bleed blue.  I watched the national pundits take the same ride and pick our beloved and beguiled Note to "go all the way, because if not now, then when?"

The team's core flat out just did not show up and rise like champions must in order to advance.

I can say from simple human observation and after the conclusion of the Flames v. Ducks series that the Note did not show up.  The "Cardiac Flames", those "Pesky Flames" were out gunned, out matched and those players left their lungs and hearts on the ice and avoided a sweep, kept it legit and in my book left every fan in Calgary proud to wear the flaming C.

IMO, it's the whole system. I love Hitch, respect him, but I have to agree with Mike Milbury when he reflected after the series to Jeremy "shut the F up" Roenick" ......"as a former GM and coach I disagree, it's the coaches job to assemble and motivate the players and ensure they are ready to play."

Hitch failed in those duties.

The "Core"

I think there are some salvageable pieces there. I don't want to moth ball all my TJ Oshie gear and break my sons heart, but damn, dude.

Show up, Sochi's over, your dad's doing great, your girl is smoking hot and your baby girl is healthy and beautiful. It was time to earn those millions and just play hockey. Is a trade the change of scenery you need?

Thanks for keeping that "C" warm, we'll take that back now. Please keep saving Dogs and enjoy the 2nd or 3rd line as a winger , where you should be playing.

Please wear this "C."

Thanks for showing up in the playoffs; you are forgiven for all your regular season transgressions.

Please re-sign for an affordable price so we can pay Tank and Schwartszy. I would enjoy seeing you retire as a Blue and pass Bernie.

"The Others"

Please center the top line and keep telling the team around you the sky is not falling.  Your face off % is unreal and I think this is the year where you really shut everyone up. And dude if you are hurt , don't be a hero and come back half arsed, just get healthy.

Don't change a thing.

Robert "Thunder lips" Botuzzo:

Keep that up.

Thank you for coming to my city, please stay forever, I believe in you.

You and Mr. Stillman are the reason for my season tickets.

We have the troops, need a new general.  No crazy line changes, no ridiculous goalie rotations, no more team that plays like they are hung over after 3 days off (I again cite that as lack of preparation).

I hate to say it, but we have Olympians, All Stars and youth.  Find the right coach. There, I said it.

-Long Live the Note