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Reading Between The Lines: Local Media Seems To Hint Ken Hitchcock Will Remain Coach Of The Blues

National media has had their speculation on the matter; the local guys are dropping their own hints as well.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, the Blues are doing their due dilligence by talking to Mike Babcock (apparently).This is the first that I have seen, and I could be wrong, of the Blues approaching a coach other than Ken Hitchcock. The pending coaching vacancy isn't vacant quite yet, and many fans are starting to assume that the status quo will stay such. Larry Brooks of the NY Post threw his hat into the ring with his speculation that Hitch isn't going anywhere.

Locally? No confirmation, no denial, not much unless you read between the lines.

In his Blues chat last week, Jeremy Rutherford answered quite a few questions about the pending fate of top players and the coach. He doesn't come flat out and say "yes, Ken Hitchcock will be the coach next year," but I'll just put these answers out there and let you decide for yourselves.

JR Chat 1

JR Chat 2
JR Chat 3

None of this is shocking, though it is frustrating - especially the last one. How in the world could Brad Shaw, who has been here since the dawn of time, and whose message is obviously stale, remain? How can a system that is obviously flawed on multiple levels remain?

Is regular season success the goal for this team? Are they comfortable with winning the Central Division then inexplicably bowing out in the first round every year? If the coaching staff remains, then that's the message that the team is sending its personnel and fans.

The Blues added pieces last off-season that should've gotten them over the bubble. If the team is content with having Paul Stastny as a third line center and Steve Ott and Chris Porter on the top line for "energy" (though it is debatable if the top line is really a legit top line or not), then by all means, keep the status quo. Enjoy your Division Championship banners.

But you can stop taking a long, hard, evaluative look in the mirror at the end of every postseason.