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Late Monday Links - Moving Sucks

Late afternoon links.

And then I quacked at him and Towes cried like a baby.
And then I quacked at him and Towes cried like a baby.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I had an extremely busy last two weeks and weekends. Sorry guys links have suffered. But I have a few for you now!


  • Tomoarrow's Blues covered Prospect Sunday with a lovely in-depth look at the the 2015 "Second Seven". [STLGT]
  • Rumor has it Mike Babcock could be coaching around these parts. [STLGT]
  • Hildy Reads between the links of the Hints at Hitchcocks return as the coach of the Blues next year. [STLGT]


  • Tampa takes on the Rangers again tonight. [ Preview]
  • GO DUCKS!!! []
  • Russia is in TROUBLLE... [PuckDaddy]
  • Stick tap to CCR for finding this lovely video of an 11-year-old girl after my own heart, except she has damn good Hockey Skills. [CBSSports]


  • Yup still not liking it. Scrap it and try again Suicide Squad. [Uproxx]


The More you know!

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