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Mid Saturday Links - As Super As Them

Happy Weekend Blues fans! Go See Avengers Age of Ultron, Watch Tarasenko Play more Hockey, and Get Free Comics!

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports


  • I feel as if I will be ignoring this section for a while...



  • Two Hockey games tonight. [ Scores]
  • One Hockey Game tonight. []
  • Wookies are sure good at Charity Work according to the NHL Awards. [HockeyNews]
  • Alexander Ovechkin is apparently a team player now, All thanks to Barry Trotz. [PuckDaddy]
  • Want to watch hockey but the NHL games just make you sad and angry? Then the IIHF World Hockey tournament is for you. [IIHFWorlds2015]


  • Avengers: Age of Ultron opened in theaters Thursday. Sam and I saw it last night. Totally worth it. [Deadline]
  • Happy Free Comic Book day! [FreeComicBookDay]
  • Science has created a way to get those pesky stinky methane clouds from your butt to smell like Chocolate! [Mental_Floss]


Little known fact, Hawkeye is as Super as those other guys. #HawkeyeLove.

Belt it Clint!

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